For the Love of Type

Hands down, type is absolutely my favorite element of design. I love everything about type. Not just the fonts themselves. It's the anatomy of a letter and the shape a letter makes. It's knowing how to typeset a paragraph or make a piece or art with type. It all fascinates me.

As photo documenters and storytellers, typography plays an important part in our creative process. Type is an extremely versatile design element and can impact the overall "feel" and readability of our pages. 

How your words appear on your pages are just as important as the photos. Type Talk will help give your blocks of journaling a more polished + professional look. If you love creating your own filler cards or word art embellishments, Type Talk is full of tips and tricks to help you start designing with type like a pro!

Type As A Design Element

Whether you are creating a title for your page or designing your own kits, it is important to understand the anatomy of a letter. Type Talk will teach you how to use the parts of a letter to your creative advantage!

Fonts + Their Features

Type Talk will help you navigate the world of reputable paid and free font sites. You will be introduced to a variety of type foundries and explore interlocking, layered, and dingbat fonts. You will also learn how to access the ligatures and stylistic features of fonts in Affinity Photo for iPad!

Ready, {type}Set, Go!

It's not the most glamorous aspect of typography, but typesetting is so, so important! Type Talk will walk you through the intricacies of typesetting titles, word art, and paragraphs using the features in the Affinity Photo for iPad Type Studio.

Type Talk begins Friday June 10, 2022

Students will be given until Thursday, July 7 to complete their assignments.

3 Weeks of Lessons

The Type Talk Classroom will have new content released by 10 am EST each Friday during the length of the course. There will be 2-3 assignments each week that students are expected to complete, one being a photography project. In these assignments, students will be applying the various techniques they learn in class, creating pocket-style cards and embellishments. The end result of their work will be compiled into a large class kit and distributed amongst the students for them to use to document their photos + stories!

  • Week One (June 10-16): Definition + Importance of Typography | The Anatomy of a Letter | Letter, Letterform, + Typeface | Two Assignments

  • Week Two (June 17-23): Exploring Type Foundries | Field Trip to Paid + Free Font Sites | Interlocking, Layered, + Dingbat Fonts | Accessing Ligatures + Stylistic Features in Affinity Photo for iPad | 3 Assignments

  • Week Three (June 24-June 30): Typesetting Paragraphs | Exploring More Features in Affinity Photo's Type Studio | Two Assignments

  • Week Four (July 1-7): While no new content will be released this week, students will use this week to finish and upload assignments to the classroom

What to Expect in Class

  • Video Instruction + Handouts

    Your Type Talk course comes with pre-recorded, easy-to-follow video lessons for you to watch at your own convenience. Companion handouts will be included.

  • Class Discussion Board

    Each lesson in Type Talk will have its own comment section for you to ask Kelly questions and connect with your classmates.

  • Class Assignments

    The best way to absorb the content Type Talk is to practice! There will be assignments in this class with due dates, as we are creating our own large, collaborative Class Kit!

Unlock your creativity with typography


  • What mobile apps/software do I need to enroll in Type Talk?

    The video lessons in Type Talk will be recorded using Affinity Photo for iPad. HOWEVER, if you are comfortable with Affinity Photo for desktop, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Canva, or GoDaddy Studio, you will be able to apply the tips and techniques demonstrated throughout this course in those mentioned software programs and mobile apps.

  • Does Type Talk have a rolling registration?

    No it does not. Registration for Type Talk begins Friday, May 13 and will close Monday, June 6. Class begins Friday, June 10.

  • How long will the course last?

    Type Talk will last three weeks. However, once the content portion of the class is over, students will be given an extra week to finish their assignments.

  • Will I receive all the content for the course at once?

    No. Each Friday during the 3-week course new videos and assignments will released in the classroom by 10 am EST.

  • How long is each lesson?

    The number of video lessons will vary from week to week. Each video will be 30 minutes or less.

  • How long will the assignments take to complete?

    Students will be creating a variety of pocket style cards and sticker embellishments using the techniques learned in class. These are simple assignments and the length of time it takes to complete them is really determined on how comfortable the student is with the Affinity Photo App for iPad and how detailed he/she wants get with them. A week between assignments is more than enough time to complete them. However, there is a photo assignment given in week one where students can have full three weeks, plus one extra week to complete it!

  • Is there a Class Kit for this course?

    Not in the traditional sense. There will be a small, exclusive Pocket Frame Kit for students to download and use for one of the assignments. As for a "traditional" class kit, Type Talk does not have one because assignments students complete during this course will actually create the class kit! Students are given one extra week to complete the assignments. At the end of that week, Kelly will compile all of the files into a class kit and send a link to students for them to download the kit. Students will be creating 3x4 + 4x6 pocket-style cards, along with word art and dingbat sticker embellishments, and a large title using the exclusive Pocket Frame Kit.

  • Do I have to complete the assignments in order to receive the Collaborative Class Kit?

    Yes! Absolutely! It would not be fair for a handful of students to commit to doing the work and have everyone in the class reap the benefits. Please, register for this class only if you can commit to completing the assignments. I promise they are not difficult at all. They are a lot of fun and will help you put what you are learning into practice!

  • I'm so bummed! I have a busy summer and may not be able to commit to completing the assignments. Will you offer this class again?

    Yes! I sure will! Type Talk will be offered again in March of 2023.

Meet Your Instructor

Kelly Sill

Kelly has a passion for teaching others how to unlock their creative potential using a variety of mobile apps. She is known for her easy-to-understand teaching style of even the most complex mobile apps and software. Students from around the world have taken her classes and feel empowered when they learn how use mobile technology to create something meaningful and tangible with their photos + stories.